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Cascadia organic veggie gardening bookshelf
Codling moth pupation station
Apple tree (espalier type) just out of the box
Chris makes worm bin (lap joints)
Wormiecomposting bin
Hedges removed to start a garden
Brassica starts indoors
Preparing the garden soil
Hardening off on back porch
Hardening off
Dinosaur eggs
Beds layout -- quarter sun and rays
Planted-out brassicas
Alpine strawbabies
Tomato magnesium deficiency
Tomatoes just planted out
Straw for mulch, from Walt's Organic
Zukes from Seattle Tilth plant sale
Suntubers at day 5 after emergence
Pole-bean sprout
Tomato blossoms
Suntubers at day 8-9 after emergence
Pole beans
Snail-eaten savoy leaf
Apples on espaliered apple tree
Organic gardener's molluskicide
Caterpillar on purple kale
Organic caterpillar control
Cherry tomatoes one month later
Ladybug on suntuber
Savoy cabbage
More alpine strawberries
Brassica (etc) farmlet